Moon In Virgo Personality

Moon In Virgo Moon In Virgo Personality

The personality of those whose Moon sign is in Virgo will lead a quiet and unpretentious life. These individuals are strong in intellect and have an excellent memory.


Thus, a career of a cerebral nature is highly favored. Occupations dealing with health and healing are ideally suited for those governed by a Virgo Moon...a doctor or dietitian, for example.


Actually, the Virgo Moon is a truth-seeking Moon. This Moon mentally uses what it learns and is suspicious of face value information, possessing a deep desire to carefully sort through all available data. It is a cautious and serious Moon, being also reserved, methodical, analytical and critical.


The Virgo Moon is a perfectionist Moon, possessing perseverance and good organizational skills. A sense of being in control is vital to this Moon and the ability to understand the feelings of others may be difficult. The Virgo Moon harbors a deep-rooted need for the acknowledgment of personal abilities.


Here are other characteristics and features of Moon in Virgo persons:


Possess an honest and amiable nature


The will of these individuals is usually good and they seldom find themselves in trouble. They are marvelous employees due to an honest and amiable nature. They also make for fair and just employers.


Persons ruled by the Moon in Virgo tend to excel in the service of a company or corporation and enjoy social interactions. They are likely to have many friends and embark on many trips...this seems to be particularly true of the female governed by a Virgo Moon.


Prefer it when things are going well


These individuals prefer it when things are going well and may occasionally conceal or ignore problems (especially marital difficulties) in order to achieve such tranquility. However, people who fall under the jurisdiction of a Virgo Moon do like to investigate the problems of others and their intellect is quite beneficial in this area.


Sensitive to those around them


They are attracted to the study of both science and the occult, usually highly sensitive to those around them...which may be an indication of psychic abilities. Social, logical and clear-headed characters, those governed by the Moon in Virgo always appear to be busy organizing and arranging the next "big event."


Prone to question the status quo, refusing to accept things at face value


Although these individuals work well behind the scenes, there is frequently a strong social conscience which will question the status quo, refusing to accept things at face value. Communication is vital to those ruled by the Virgo Moon, particularly if it involves facts and information rather than "dreamy" philosophies.




There is a strong personal code of conduct here, coupled with high standards, concerning friends and loved ones. Even though these individuals may not actually compose lists, they have the ability to think scenarios through into a logical order, rather than "firefighting" when trouble hits. Those governed by the Moon in Virgo will invariably plan ahead for all possible eventualities in a clear and most logical manner.


Moon in Virgo Influence on other Signs


Virgo Moon Influence On The Fire Signs

(Aries - Leo - Sagittarius)


Provides much strength and endurance as well as a creative aspect to the personality


Virgo Moon Influence On The Air Signs

(Libra - Aquarius - Gemini)


Provides great intelligence and originality to the personality


Virgo Moon Influence On The Earth Signs

(Capricorn - Taurus - Virgo)


Provides a money-conscious and practical aspect to the personality


Virgo Moon Influence On The Water Signs

(Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces)


Provides an enhanced emotional nature, common sense, and mentally-sharp aspect to the personality as well as providing a wonderful approach to life in general


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