Moon In Pisces

Moon In Pisces Moon In Pisces

The personality of those whose Moon sign is in Pisces indicates a character driven by emotions. Whatever appeals to these persons will attract, literature or poetry, for example.


These are individuals who change their minds very easily and to others, will sometimes give the impression of unreliability. When the "going gets tough" those ruled by a Pisces Moon will become discouraged. They adore change and any form of routine seems to literally drain the life from these persons.


Looking at it, the Pisces Moon is a sensitive and creative Moon, being artistic, intuitive and most probably psychic. This Moon is most assuredly a dreamer. The Pisces Moon keeps emotions hidden, although the inherent extreme sensitivity makes this Moon sympathetic to the plight of the less fortunate and may lead to community service. The Pisces Moon feels all things deeply.


Here are other features and characteristics of Moon in Pisces persons:


Easygoing nature and tendency toward shyness


There is an easygoing nature here, but there is also a tendency toward shyness. Overall, the Pisces Moon is not perceived to be a favorable influence, often associated with glandular problems and obesity. On the outside, those governed by this Moon appear to be quite happy, but inwardly there is frequently depression and even a distinct lack of a sense of humor. At some time during the life of those who fall under the jurisdiction of the Moon in Pisces, hospitals, prisons or some other type of institution is almost certain to play an important role in some fashion.


However, this aspect needs to be put into context and perspective with the rest of the individual's horoscope before any definite conclusions may be drawn, and it is vital that these subjects not become discouraged.


Flair for music and appreciating the art


The Pisces Moon can be one of the most appealing, sociable, entertaining and humorous of the entire Moon Influences dependent upon other factors. There is a flair for music here....composing, writing or simply listening and appreciating the art.


Emotional and romantic souls with creative ideas


These are emotional and romantic souls with creative ideas, a strong imagination and a desire to make the world a better place, although there is a distinct distaste for anything which is ugly or disharmonious.


Possess a strong psychic awareness


Perhaps the major key word for the Pisces Moon individual is sacrifice. If the need of another is perceived to be greater than that of the person governed by this Moon, then he or she will willingly give all he or she has to the person in need. These people possess a strong psychic awareness and have the ability to pick up on subtle signs and signals that others might miss.




The greatest danger for a person who falls under the jurisdiction of the Moon in Pisces is the tendency to become a martyr and allow personal needs to fade into insignificance. Boundaries are difficult to define by these individuals and they could easily be guilty of getting involved in the problems of others without being asked...although the intentions are always of the highest caliber.


Moon in Pisces Influence on other Signs


Pisces Moon Influence On The Fire Signs

(Aries - Leo - Sagittarius)


Provides dynamic energy and an enduring artistic aspect to the personality as well providing a sympathetic listening nature


Pisces Moon Influence On The Air Signs

(Libra - Aquarius - Gemini)


Provides a strengthened clairvoyant aspect to the personality


Pisces Moon Influence On The Earth Signs

(Capricorn - Taurus - Virgo)


Provides increased perception and an idealistic aspect to the personality


Pisces Moon Influence On The Water Signs

(Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces)


Provides an enhanced and powerful intuitive aspect to the personality


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