Moon In Leo

Moon In Leo Moon In Leo

In general, the personality of those whose Moon sign is in Leo will be strong, proud and courageous by nature, exuding energy and drive. Such individuals relish responsibility and may be prone to take on too much.


Looking at it, the Leo Moon is an intelligent and strongly emotional Moon. This Moon marches to the beat of its own drummer and relishes being the center of attention.


The Leo Moon is an exceedingly charming Moon with an exceptional sense of humor. It is a leader, not a follower.


However, this Moon possesses a dramatic flair and tends to take itself too seriously. The Leo Moon is not by nature a self-sacrificing Moon.


Here are other characteristics and features of Moon in Leo Persons:


Attraction to authority and being in the public eye


There is a natural attraction to authority here, coupled with enjoyment of being in the public eye. Persons governed by the Moon in Leo would much rather lead than follow and inherent pride makes them most susceptible to love affairs.


Attract attention and respect


The opposite sex finds this individual extremely interesting because of the frequency and sincerity of such affairs. The actions of those ruled by the Leo Moon attract the attention and respect of superiors within the workplace, which can mean only good things as far as any career is concerned.


Usually encouraging, optimistic and generous


Such individuals are usually encouraging souls, optimistic and generous with money...sometimes a little too much so, which also applies to the display of affection. Nothing is ever done in half-measures by Leo Moon people and they are prone to set high standards, both on a personal level and for others.


Possess strong intellect and love of the arts


Anyone with the Moon in Leo will possess a strong intellect and an extreme love of the arts. Occupations are often associated with the theater, music, painting or literature. There is also a devout love of luxury and a grandiose sense of style.




Lively in spirit with a desire to make a statement and a definite distaste for being ignored, the individual governed by a Leo Moon has high intelligence and excellent prioritizing skills.


Moon In Leo Influence on other Signs


Leo Moon Influence On The Fire Signs

(Aries - Leo - Sagittarius)


Provides an enhanced creativity aspect to the personality


Leo Moon Influence On The Air Signs

(Libra - Aquarius - Gemini)


Provides an enhanced aspect to the personality


Leo Moon Influence On The Earth Signs

(Capricorn - Taurus - Virgo)


Provides a money-making aspect to the personality


Leo Moon Influence On The Water Signs

(Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces)


Provides an emotionally influential aspect to the personality



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