Moon In Gemini

Moon In Gemini Moon In Gemini

Those with the Moon in Gemini like to exercise both body and mind. Their time is usually divided between studying and socializing. They may live in more than one place or change residence quite often.In short, these individuals like to move around.


The fact is; the Gemini Moon is an intuitive Moon...a rapid learner operating on a mental plane. This is a rather charming Moon with magnificent speaking and writing talents.


This Moon struggles to maintain independence and tends to be times, a restless and somewhat confusing combination.However, the swift mental activity of the inherent Gemini character coupled with the emotionalism of the Moon causes feelings to be held in too much scrutiny. 


The Gemini Moon expresses emotions in an uneven and inconsistent manner while harboring a direct need to speak the truth.


Here are other characteristics and features of  Moon in Gemini personalities:


Generally attracted to the literary and the scientific


The Moon in Gemini is excellent in terms of intellect and those who fall under its jurisdiction are inevitably attracted to the literary and the scientific, which tends to indicate that the chosen vocation will also be somewhat intellectual...writer, teacher, journalist or scientist, etc. However, the influence of Gemini usually leads to the changing of careers as often as it leads to the changing of residence. Gemini's theme will continue through the life of this individual...he or she may be ambidextrous and will probably find it easy to do two things at once.


Not always honest people


Those with their Moon sign in Gemini are not always honest people, particularly in their dealings with those around them. However, they are usually so proficient at deception, that others rarely realize they have been hoodwinked.


Tend to be nervous, witty and changeable


Moon in Gemini people tend to be nervous, witty and changeable, thriving on communication and the "cut and thrust" of the social world. Boredom cannot be tolerated by these persons and there is a proclivity for an "up and down" type of personality.


Adept at spoken word, cleverness and wit


The spoken word is the chief means of relating for those who fall under the jurisdiction of this Moon sign, and they are equally adept at coming up with the perfect "put-down" as they are with impressing others through their cleverness and wit. Working in media or travel is ideal for those with the Moon in Gemini, as are careers in sales.




There is a proclivity for these individuals to push themselves too hard and they often feel exhausted when they have overdone the "partying." Nevertheless, after a brief respite, they are ready to forge headlong into the world once more. A person born with the Moon in Gemini is not likely to be happy with his or her own company for very long.


Moon in Gemini Influence on other Signs


Gemini Moon Influence On The Fire Signs

(Aries - Leo - Sagittarius)


Provides a strong leadership aspect to the personality


Gemini Moon Influence On The Air Signs

(Libra - Aquarius - Gemini)


Provides an expressive communication aspect to the personality


Gemini Moon Influence On The Earth Signs

(Capricorn - Taurus - Virgo)


Provides a quick-minded aspect to the personality


Gemini Moon Influence On The Water Signs

(Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces)


Provides an extremely creative aspect to the personality


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