Cancer Man Aries Woman

Cancer Man Aries Woman Compatibility Cancer Man Aries Woman


An Aries woman Cancer man love affair is essentially a case of "opposites attract."


Aries women are rash and brash while Cancer men are sensitive and emotional. Aries woman can certainly be emotional, but in a fiery and impetuous way that can totally overwhelm the Cancer man.


Although Cancer man prefers to take time with relationships, he will probably find the Aries woman whirlwind approach to be exceedingly stimulating. In turn, Aries woman will undoubtedly regard the Cancer man sensitivity to be is a good balance for the typical Aries woman bluntness.


However, trouble may arise if Cancer man's mood swings or the aggression of Aries woman becomes hurtful.


Here, each party must take time to listen to the needs of the other and understand that they are coming from different directions to meet a common goal. 


Here are other notable features of Cancer man Aries woman love relationships


Both will be fiercely protective of those they love


One magnificent dynamic shared by this pair is that both will be fiercely protective of those they love. Cancer individuals use their shells to draw around themselves, family and mate when trouble threatens. Aries individuals use strength and bravery for the same purpose...rather like a knight in shining armor. Cancer man will provide Aries woman with a happy domestic life and emotional security. However, there is sometimes a tendency for the Cancer partner to build an idealized image of the Aries mate or be overly-possessive and this can grate horribly on the independent Aries woman.


Both are initiators


Both are initiators but will have to learn how to cooperate. Aries woman is always rushing forth to meet a challenge, but Cancer man is also indirectly in charge courtesy of emotional control and the ability to weigh a situation. Cancer man tends to compromise somewhat easily while Aries woman may be unwilling to yield and the Cancer partner may have to accept giving in.


Cancer man is most interested in procreation while Aries woman might not be ready for such a scenario for quite some time


Cancer man is essentially a homebody who wants a large family and the Aries woman might not be ready for such a scenario for quite some time. Thus, the Cancer partner will begin to lose interest in the sexual act since secretly; Cancer man does believe that sex is for procreation. This is an attitude that will rapidly cause the Aries woman to seek elsewhere for a partner.




This can be a magnificent combination if the parties work together...using both action and emotion to get things accomplished. Cancer man can help Aries woman to be gentler and Aries woman can teach a Cancer man how to emerge from his shell. But, Cancer man can be emotionally manipulative and on occasion, there may simply be too much Water which dampens the enthusiasm of Fire. Conversely, too much Fire can cause Water to evaporate, leaving the Cancer partner emotionally raw.


Here, it will be necessary for both partners to talk openly and freely in order to ensure that their balance is maintained.


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