Aries Symbol Horoscope

Aries Symbol Horoscope Aries Symbol Horoscope


The modern interpretation of symbols of Aries or Aries glyph likens it to the horns of a ram.


In ancient interpretation, Symbols of Aries were depicted as the ram, head of Amun and Hunga (The Hired Hand).


The origin of the symbol...or glyph...for Aries is unknown. The symbol of the ram appeared for the first time in Ancient Egypt.


It was depicted as the head of Amun, considered to be the leading deity whom all other gods followed. 

Facts About Aries Symbol Horoscope

Aries Symbol Detailed Aries Symbol


At that time, the head of a goose was also used to represent this Zodiac Sign, and the two symbols were often interchanged.


In the Babylonion Zodiac, Hunga (The Hired Hand) symbolized Aries.


In Vedic Astrology, it is said to be symbolic of the upward flow of in a fountain...the universal consciousness in its creative aspect.


It is also thought to be representative of a sprouting seed, from which germination results in the tree and fruit. 


In its seed form, it is said to symbolize potentiality. As symbol of Aries appears to move upward then outward and finally downward, it signifies the ultimate sacrifice of Spirit in its descent into the Realms of Matter.


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