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Aries Personalities Aries Personality

When I think of Aries Personalities; what comes to mind is a very independent, go-getter personality.  A person who is filled with adventure and courage and lots of vitality and often sports minded but also there can be this focus on their self-importance.


To some extent, Aries personalities are influenced and affected by the qualities associated with the Decan into which the Aries individual falls.


Hence, we will be studying Aries personalities with respect to minor planetary influences, which temper or blend with the ruling influence of the period.


Note: The planetary influences described under Aries decans are valuable in "shading" the personality profile of many Aries individuals, but are generally subordinate to the stronger characteristic of Aries. 


Detailed Profile of Aries Personalities (The Decans)


Aries Personalities (First Decan) Born March 21 to March 30


A subject born within the First Decan (March 21 to March 30...also known as the Aries Decante) and the "Week of the Child."


As the fiery head of the Zodiac, this Decan embraces Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, as its prime influence. Thus, this First Decan is the most typical of its native Sign, meaning that individuals born during this period will possess the firm and assertive disposition which marks the drive associated with Mars.


There is also an abundance of energy connected to this Decan, which can result in many ego clashes if the tendency to "come on too strong" is not kept under control. Indeed, many may feel somewhat threatened by natives of this First Decan who should strive to "tone down" some of the inherent dynamism if more satisfactory interpersonal relationships are desired.


These natives are constantly "on the go" and may "burn the candle at both ends" until they finally realize that, in order to survive, they must become more cognizant of the fact that they are, after all, only human.


The influence of Jupiter (the secondary planet which governs this Decan) adds brilliance to the Aries nature, but any tendency toward triviality will weaken this trait.


The First Decan of Aries is indicative of a fearless character, but one which should guard against becoming too headstrong. Impatient with a fierce sense of right and wrong, the passions of this Decan are notoriously strong and the individuals who fall under its jurisdiction are very physical. In addition, their word is their bond. Of all Aries natives, it is those governed by this Decan who are the most idealistic, romantic and restless. As such, they need to learn how to pace themselves in order to avoid early "burnout."


The motto of the First Decan of Aries is "Action."


Aries Personalities

(Second Decan) Born March 31 to April 9


A subject born within the Second Decan (March 31 to April 9...also known as the Leo Decante of Aries) and the "Week of the Star." usually has a broad and beaming smile with a generally friendly countenance and manner.


The influence of the Sun, the secondary planet governing this Decan, can induce interesting differences but chiefly makes for a person possessed with much individual zest for originality.


This secondary planetary influence also provides generosity, nobility and leadership to the aggressive trait inherent in the Mars temperament. Thus, this Decan is generally comprised of an excellent combination of influences with an immense potential for initiating ideas, discoveries and inventions of a new, daring and unique nature.


While Aries supplies dynamism and courage, Leo ensures that these subjects will continue to "plug away" until they meet with success. In addition, this Second Decan of Aries has no tendency to go off "half-cocked." The Sun adds warmth and brightness to this Decan, coupled with a steady flow of both mental and physical energy.


Regardless of chronological age, these subjects remain forever young at heart, able to get along well with others and can easily identify with those around them. There are, however, negative factors associated with this Decan. The dignity and magnetic qualities of the Sun may give way to vainglory, if the aggressive nature of Mars is allowed to rule. Romance, admiration, gratification and entertainment are of great importance to this Decan.


Such individuals want the very best in just about everything and expect appreciation and recognition for their efforts. Fiercely protective, their children are of paramount importance to those individuals who fall under the jurisdication of this Decan.


The motto of the Second Decan of Aries is "Dominion."


Aries Personalities

(Third Decan) Born April 10 to April 20


A subject born within the Third Decan (April 10 to April 20...also known as the Sagittarius Decante of Aries) the "Week of the Pioneer."  


The influence of the Jupiter, one of the secondary planets governing this Decan, can induce interesting externalized characteristics and personality differences but chiefly makes for a person who will be interested in mental matters.


Here, the influence of Venus (the other secondary planet governing this Decan) tempers the Aries nature, but allows it to become rash and headlong, ready to adopt any cause because of sentimental reasons.


Many individuals who fall under the jurisdiction of this Decan are dreamers...dreaming of faraway places, ancient mysteries and miracles. While the strong drive supplied by Aries is still apparent here, these natives are able to modify their approach so they can adjust from a "hard push" to a "soft pedal" if the former appears inappropriate or not working as well as it might.


These are individuals who are better able to cope with resistance than natives governed by other Decans of Aries. On a personal level, those governed by the Third Decan of Aries tend to remain rather aloof from others and indeed, the environment in general. While this may appear to be indicative of a distant character who is difficult to get to know, being somewhat detached enables these Aries individuals to maintain better control of their tempers simply because they do not let as many things upset them.


They protect their freedom and may lead a nomadic life. Liberty to come and go, coupled with the need for personal space, is essential to the health and happiness of this Decan. Its natives cannot abide employment, lifestyles or relationships that tend to restrict or confine.


In short, these individuals love to travel and learn and are blessed with a wonderful sense of humor and general optimism. Particularly effective when helping others through problems and negative situations, natives of this Third Decan are pleasant to be around and will most probably spend their lifetimes...on and off...working to continue their education, both formally and informally.


Of all Aries individuals, it is those ruled by this Decan who is most likely to approach love with a light attitude. Consequently, they find it much harder to settle down. The motto of the Third Decan of Aries is "Promotion."

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