Aries Characteristics

Aries Characteristics Detailed Aries Characteristics

On Aries characteristics, you will be looking at those defining features of all born of Aries zodiac sign.


Actually, Aries represent birth and new beginnings.Hence, all who fall under the jurisdiction of Aries are typically full of creative energy and enthusiasm with a great inner drive, which is expressed through action, to prove them.


The average Aries individual is constantly seeking experiences which give one opportunity to prove to be the best. There is little timidity to be found in Aries the Ram; are confident "doers" who frequently forge ahead regardless of the consequences.


Here are summary of  Aries characteristics:


  • Leadership
  • Independence
  • Joyful
  • Dynamic
  • Assertive
  • Impatient
  • Impulsive
  • Overly-emotional.

Now, let’s look at some of the key characteristics of Aries in detail:


Leadership Qualities


Leaders of the pack, Aries individuals are the first in line to get things going. Whether or not everything is accomplished is another question altogether, for this Sign prefers to initiate and would rather leave the completion process to somebody else.


Blessed with personal magnetism, Aries subjects are able to rally supporters to a cause, even against seemingly insurmountable odds.




Cardinal Signs are independent, spontaneous and forceful. Being the first Sign of the Zodiac itself, Aries expresses some of the qualities of its ruling Element in the purest fashion.


It is the most entrepreneurial Sign...always generating fresh starts, new ideas and novel methods. Areas of business or the armed forces are natural arenas for Aries individuals. They are self-motivated and at their happiest when self-employed or possibly running their own departments as if they owned them. Blunt and to the point, Aries' sheer force of being can accomplish a great deal.




Natives of Aries are not afraid to take risks or gamble in order to have their way. Self-expression is paramount to the pioneering Aries and those ruled by this Sign like to see how far they can go in exploring, discovering and experimenting with the world around them.


They constantly seek to be the best at whatever they do and would rather have fame and fortune than material wealth. If their impulsive drives can be tempered, then they will accomplish much and become successful leaders.




Aries characteristic also show they are willing to sacrifice time, money and even their lives for those they love. They want to believe the best of everyone, but are not always the best judges of character.


There is also deficient capacity for self-reflection and a tendency to take ill-considered risks.




Known as "Pioneers of the Zodiac" and possessed of an inexhaustible energy, natives of Aries are always willing to try new things and break new ground. The impulsive Aries subject is often tempted to "ram" his or her ideas down the throats of others.


However, Aries impulsive behavior can sometimes lead to problems because such persons tend to leap before they look.


Conclusion on Aries Characteristics


In business, Aries natives usually find success, provided that good choices are made and issues are faced squarely. They make excellent salesmen and their drive is invaluable in real estate, banking, insurance and other financial fields. Professionally, they are fine actors, capable lawyers, doctors and statesmen.


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