Signs Aries Man Want to Marry You

Signs Aries Man Wants To Marry Signs Aries Man Wants To Marry You

Looking at inherent characteristics of Aries man, it may be difficult to know if he wants to marry you…truly most men born of Aries do come up with all sort of tales about settling down in marriage. 


You should be smart and pay particular attention to signs he wants to marry you.


Did he want you to meet his family, be around him at family events, meet his siblings and people he loves?

Here are notable signs Aries man want to marry you:


If he raises questions about weeding in your conversations


If an Aries man asks you how you want your dream wedding to be, your preferred wedding colours, ring size or likes to raise some important aspect of the wedding he is particular about, then he is definitely planning to settle down with you.


He discusses future plans with you


Aries men naturally will like to know the details and intricacies of every project they want to get involved in. Yes! factors such as accommodation, career development, finances etc. are considered. The interesting thing about this is that he plans all this with you in mind. He is genuinely concerned about how these seemingly minute details will affect your life.


He delights in your happiness


If an Aries man goes out of his way consistently and genuinely to do tasks or go on events he normally would not go to, just to make you happy, he is definitely gearing to pop up the marriage question. Watch out for his body language when he is accompanying you, Is he comfortable? He might not be excited, but is he their mind, body and soul? Is he genuinely Interested in knowing more about what you love?


He helps you become better


An Aries man who is ready to get married to you, genuinely wants you to make progress. He wants you to represent him in a good way. He always wants to know about your career, job, hobby or craft. Does he proffer solutions to challenges that seem to weigh you down? Being possessive, and shows some traits of jealousy.




More than any signs an Aries man want to marry you, does he entrust you with his life? An Aries guy who wants to get married to you, will eventually open up to you, when he finds out you are genuinely concerned about his welfare.


He starts asking for your opinion on everything, he opens his inner thoughts, fears and deep feelings. He practically shares his life with you.


It is a gradual process. Give him time, and give him that motherly love and care without judging him.


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