Second Decan Aries man belong to the group known as Leo Decante and the “Week of the Star”


The influence of the Sun, the secondary planet governing this Decan, can induce interesting differences in this particular Aries man but chiefly makes for a person possessed with much individual zest for originality. This secondary planetary influence also provides generosity, nobility and leadership to the aggressive trait inherent in the Mars temperament.


Thus, second Decan Aries man possess an excellent combination of influences with an immense potential for initiating ideas, discoveries and inventions of a new, daring and unique nature. 

Here are characteristics of Second Decan Aries man


Has no tendency to go off "half-cocked."


While Aries supplies dynamism and courage, Leo ensures that these subjects will continue to "plug away" until they meet with success. In addition, this Second Decan of Aries has no tendency to go off "half-cocked." The Sun adds warmth and brightness to this Decan, coupled with a steady flow of both mental and physical energy.


Possess friendly countenance and manner.


These Aries natives usually have a broad and beaming smile, together with a generally friendly countenance and manner. In addition, they may dress and groom themselves in something of a colourful...even and are most dramatic in expressing what they have to say.


Able to get along well with others


Regardless of chronological age, second decan Aries men remain forever young at heart, able to get along well with others and can easily identify with those around them. Romance, admiration, gratification and entertainment are of great importance to this Decan. Such individuals want the very best in just about everything and expect appreciation and recognition for their efforts.


Protective of their children and loved ones


Fiercely protective, their children are of paramount importance to those individuals who fall under the jurisdiction of this Decan. Born performers who seek out the spotlight and crave applause, men born of second decan Aries would find it difficult to go through life without a partner. The motto of the Second Decan of Aries is "Dominion."




There are, however, negative factors associated with second Decan Aries man. The dignity and magnetic qualities of the Sun may give way to vainglory, if the aggressive nature of Mars is allowed to rule. 


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