Aries Man Sexuality

Aries Man Sexuality Aries Man Sexuality

Looking at Aries man sexuality, his libido runs parallel to the Aries will; switching an angry Ram into a horny one is an incredibly easy trick. Just let him know you’re turned on, and he’ll instantly forget an argument, at least for as long as it takes to work out your frustrations right there on the dining room floor.


Romantically enthusiastic and adventurous, an Aries man will always want to push physical pleasure to new plateaus and his partners can occasionally be overwhelmed by such a spirited approach.


Looking at it, Aries man sexuality is driven, powerful and akin to a feat of showmanship when he is truly captivated.


Actually, one thing an Aries man do hate during sex is a dead weight, if you want to keep your Aries man from straying I suggest you not drive him to go out and have some girl ride him like a professional cowgirl riding a rodeo bull without getting knocked off. 


I mean he might come back home, but he'll try to see that cowgirl every chance he gets and one thing is for sure, if you're extremely attracted to your Aries man, there's not too much that that you won’t be willing to do to him and for him, so pleasing him won’t be a problem at all, and it'll come natural for you to want to kiss, suck, bite, and lick him everywhere, a little spank on the ass won’t hurt either.


A more detailed look at Aries man sexuality


Try to turn him on, so that he can turn you on


If you want to satisfy your Aries man, Kiss him, tease and play with him. Yes… an Aries man loves when you kiss him, all his body. That drives him crazy. The series of foreplay goes a long way to stimulate him and he will always appreciate every moment. Remember he is crazy about varieties of foreplay and it’s easy for him to get bored if your follows the same pattern over and over again.


Be open for Varieties


Your Aries man wishes to see that you’re flexible during the act. If you don’t seem like an active participant, it takes a lot of the fun away. Do all the kinky stuff you can imagine and let go sexually. Adding your own movements to his will increase his pleasure speedily, not to mention yours.


Let go and be free


If you are constantly thinking whether doing "this" or "that" will make him think that you are wired you'll end up being bored. Let go and be free, have fun with him and make his satisfaction your satisfaction. Deny nothing. If he wants anal, do it, try it..


Show total devotion


Show total devotion by being more submissive. It is natural that your Aries man wants to dominate, so let him do it. It makes him feel manly.  If he wants to actually take control and have sex with you all around the house, take control over you and dominate you. Let him do this, be his "slave" and submit to him sexually, let him do anything he wants to do with you in bed. Be flexible and open about new things.


Show your excitements


Don’t hide you excitement when you are with your Aries man in bed. Start talking dirty!. The right words can be like magic. If you know what to say, when to say it and most importantly How to say it, he will explode from pleasure instantly. Learn what makes him go nuts and tell the right things at the right moments. Nothing is more boring to an Aries man than a woman that makes no sound in bed. It drains his energy and makes him wonder whether she's dead or not.




You will never experience a dull moment with an Aries man in bed. It will be necessary for you to pull out all the stops by bringing color, gaiety and glamour into this man's sexual life. Indeed, he does love to be fascinated. 



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