Aries Man Jealous Traits

Aries Man Jealous Traits Aries Man Jealous Traits


Aries man jealous traits are common to his love relationships.


Actually, the greatest weakness of an Aries man in love is the tendency to cross-examine and ask too many questions.


More often, the inherent possessiveness associated with Aries undoubtedly cause Aries partner to put his mate through unpleasant time by close questioning regarding their whereabouts and activities……mainly caused by jealousy. 


Here are various triggers to Aries man Jealous


Not showing sufficient love


A partner who is prone to be "in love with love" rather than with any particular person, other than his or herself. The jealous inherent in Aries man would definitely  not be able to endure this type of behaviour for very long.


Not paying proper attention to his wishes and desires


Much pampering and an abundance of attention will be needed with an Aries sweetheart, since this is a soul who thrives on feeling that he or she is number one in the life of a loved one.




Fulfilment is very important to Aries man in terms of physical intimacy and he can be very demanding in this quarter….failure of which will keep an Aries man in a state of jealous confusion.



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