Aries Man Personality

Aries Man Personality Aries Man Personality

Understanding an Aries man involves understanding his real personality.


Looking at it, a typical Aries man falls between being very shy or introverted to very dramatic or extroverted. So naturally the more immature, extroverted Aries man is going to be the king of selfishness with fat ego. 


But even with those quiet and more mature Aries men you will see a streak of wanting to be left alone so they can do their own thing, no matter how subtle or charming their personality may be.


Here are ways you can gain insight into the true Aries man personality: 

  • Understanding an Aries man relationship with friends and Lovers
  • Understanding his romantic style
  • Understanding his professional life


Notable facts about Aries man personality


Usually ambitious, hardworking and mostly successful


Aries man is ambitious, hardworking and successful. Perhaps this man's most irritating fault is contradiction. He possesses much knowledge and heaven help the individual who gets his or her facts wrong. The man ruled by Aries plans for the future with a view toward an exciting and progressive life.


Adores fun and can be utterly charming


He adores fun and can be utterly charming. Flattery works well with this man because he can take a virtually infinite amount...provided he does not suspect it is a line.


Born Leader


Philosophically an Aries man is visionary of grander, sweeping possibilities; a free thinker and not one who gets locked into following dogma unless he is the one leading others to follow the dogma, but that eventually bores him and so he leaves the group behind and head for a private retreat and a solo spiritual journey.


Understanding an Aries Man Relationship with friends and Lovers


Although romantic at heart, an Aries man personality is one that sometimes difficult to please but he is constant and true by nature. As a sweetheart, he will almost certainly want to be the center of his loved one's attention and probably take it for granted that he is.


His romantic mental picture often demands perfection. Conventional in thought, this man expects a high moral standard from loved ones, regardless of his own private irregularities, which may be manifested in the form of an isolated adventurous fling.


Understanding an Aries Man Romantic Style


Ardent, proud and brimming with personality, Aries man is likely to remain a romantic soul throughout his entire life. He does possess a rather voracious appetite in that regard, which he refuses to sublimate. At home, the man governed by this Sign likes to be waited on hand-and-foot but in return, he is ready and willing to fight for the best for his loved ones.


Generally, he is an ideal companion in a general way, however, he knows little of the more exalted phases of domestic affection.


Understanding an Aries Man professional life


A distinguished and desirable soul, the Aries man is somewhat a fussy personality and rather exacting in his dealings with others. Generally, Aries men excel as explorers...of new ideas, as well as of unchartered territory. They make for awkward subordinates and are poor followers, frequently unwilling to obey or submit to directions for which they can see no reason, or with which they disagree.




Mentally, Aries men are intellectual and objective although, in rare instances, they can become bigoted and extremist. They are quick-witted but sometimes foolhardy and over-optimistic, lacking thoroughness and the ability to evaluate difficulties regarding the undertakings into which they often rush impulsively.


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