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Part of the mission of is to provide detailed information about Aries Star Sign. And…in other to provide detailed answer to your questions, I grouped the frequently asked questions (FAQs) into specific areas of Aries Star Sign.


The following are frequently asked questions about Aries Love Compatibility:


  1. What is an Aries best love match?
  2. Are Aries and Libras compatible?
  3. Is Aries compatible with Taurus?
  4. Will a Scorpio and Aries last?
  5. What sign is compatible with Aries?
  6. Do Aries and Libras get along?


What is an Aries best love match?




An Aries best love match is seen in Aries love relationship were there is romantic longevity and fulfillment.


Natives of Aries are probably most in tune with those governed by Leo since both possess abundant courage and the ability to exercise much influence over others.

Leo individuals crave adventure, drama and excitement...and partners who know what they want. All this can be found in the Aries.


Sagittarius, another Sign ruled by the element of Fire, would also be favorable.


A relationship with an individual governed by Sagittarius usually results in a pair who are adventurous with an open and creative attitude to life. However there could easily be many ups and downs in long term.


Other favorable match includes Libra and fellow Aries.


Are Aries and Libras compatible?




Yes actually, within the Zodiac Wheel, Aries and Libra are located directly opposite one another. Thus, each Sign possesses qualities that the other lacks. This, combined with Libra's natural desire for harmony, can result in a balanced relationship.


However, Aries is associated with self while Libra is associated with partnerships. That is not the only difference as Aries is impulsive, excitable and eager to engage in new and exciting ventures. Libra is indecisive, peace-loving and prefers an approach which is calm and smooth.


Is Aries compatible with Taurus?




This will be something of a shaky union unless Taurus can manage to calm the inherent Aries characteristics. A clash of wills and personalities here could lead to more than simple arguments...perhaps even physical violence.


This union is all about balance, or the lack thereof. Taurus natives adore being wooed and romanced. These are concepts that may be basically foreign to the brash, straightforward and totally unstable Aries. Still, Taurus can help Aries to rein in some of the more foolish and impractical impulses, while Aries will aid Taurus in being more spontaneous and adventurous.


Will a Scorpio and Aries last?




No! This is quite likely the most difficult pairing of the Zodiac in terms of achieving harmony and longevity. The ability of Aries to give way to others will be severely put to the test by the inherent Scorpio trait to assume control of every situation. Here, it would not be unusual for the Aries partner to do the exact opposite of what Scorpio desires in an attempt to simply be contentious.


Another major problem will be the unreasonable jealousy of the Scorpio native, which is a deep-rooted part of the Scorpio nature and cannot be changed. Thus, Aries may soon become highly claustrophobic if he or she is forced to follow the Scorpio partner's idea of nesting.


What sign is compatible with Aries?




Leo, Sagittarius, Libra and fellow Aries


Do Aries and Libras get along?




The connection between Aries and Libra is amazing when good and extremely challenging when bad. They possess energies that are liable to tangle or knot if understandings cannot be reached.


The impetuous and fast-paced approach to projects employed by Aries may conflict with Libra's more balanced and intellectual approach. In short, this union is all about balance and if this can be achieved, the relationship could go a very long way.


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