Aries Jealous Traits

Aries Jealous Traits Aries Jealous Traits


While an Aries is capable of much generosity, it is perhaps jealousy which is the major stumbling block in terms of the Aries relationships.


It is the one which has probably brought an Aries individual more heartaches and unhappiness than any faults he/she might possess.


Looking at it, if Aries partner should happen to stray down the path of infidelity, then the infamous pride of the Aries character will not allow these two to stay together.


In short, the heat of love and passion will be replaced by the icy cold of disgust and disdain.


Here are other notable facts on Aries Jealous Traits:


Failed physically intimate side of a relationship


In general, the physically intimate side of a relationship is very important to an Aries individual and he or she can be very demanding in this quarter….failure of which will keep Aries in a state of jealous confusion.


When in a relationship with a partner that cherishes varies love interests


Aries jealousy is sure to rise when in relationship with a partner who is prone to be "in love with love" rather than with any particular person, other than his or herself. The jealousy inherent in Aries would not be able to endure this type of behavior for very long. Unfortunately, for this type of union to stand a chance, Aries will have to learn to put up with it.


A partner with dual or varied attention


Paying attention to other interests, not minding that much pampering and an abundance of attention will be needed with an Aries sweetheart, is sure to stir the inherent jealousy of an Aries individual since this is a soul who thrives on feeling that he or she is number one in the life of a loved one.




Though an Aries has a tendency toward jealousy and possessiveness, but a potential partner will need to avoid showing the same qualities since any form of clinging is sure to drive the Aries individual in search of fresh pastures.


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