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An Aries lover is driven, powerful and akin to a feat of showmanship….especially when this individual is truly captivated.


I mean….this Sign is by nature the show-off of the Zodiac. The fact is; Aries subjects will be dramatic, captivating and sure to get your undivided attention.


If you are dating an Aries, you will agree that sometimes it almost appears as though he/she is competing with you….and will want to defeat you instead of love you. Indeed, an Aries lover will always want to push physical pleasure to new plateaus and you can occasionally be overwhelmed by such a spirited approach. 


The romantic nature here tends to be very intense, with both the Aries males and females craving affection more than anything else...but these are more affectionate souls than ones who are passionate.


Here are other notable characteristics and features of an Aries lover:


There is a tendency toward jealousy and possessiveness


An Aries lover will happily accept overdone displays of affection one his/her heart has been given. There is a tendency here toward jealousy and possessiveness, but a potential partner will need to avoid showing the same qualities since any form of clinging is sure to drive the Aries individual in search of fresh pastures. Still, beneath all the Aries bravado and show actually lurks a somewhat innocent child who simply wants to explore the wonderful world and be appreciated.


Needs much pampering and an abundance of attention


The more appreciated Aries individuals feel, then the more they will invest in their romantic overtures. Much pampering and an abundance of attention will be needed with an Aries sweetheart, since this is a soul who thrives on feeling that he or she is number one in the life of a loved one.


Craves undying affection and everlasting fidelity


Despite the passionate nature and gift for loving deeply, Aries natives seldom wear their hearts on their sleeves. Indeed, they may not be good at expressing their love in words...but they do relish hearing such endearments from their loved ones and can listen to declarations of undying affection and everlasting fidelity with the utmost appreciation.


Know little of the more exalted phases of domestic affection


Romantic longevity is a precarious venture for an Aries lover. Although these persons are ideal companions in a general way, they know little of the more exalted phases of domestic affection.




Perhaps the greatest weakness of an Aries lover is the tendency to cross-examine and ask too many questions. Although these are not souls normally in the habit of mincing their words, it will be necessary to employ tact or even keep silent if things get out of hand. By being more tolerant, an Aries lover can find greater happiness. It will also be necessary to share the power in a relationship, remembering to ask advice, to discuss and to consult. All too often, Aries individuals forget to do this and are later surprised when any resentment arises.


Positive Aspects Of Aries Love:


Exuberant - Expressive - Passionate - Generous - Protective - Adventurous - Fun-Loving - Creative - Energized - Devoted


Negative Aspects Of Aries Love:


Temperamental - Jealous - Possessive - Inconsiderate - Reckless - Fickle - Ego-Oriented 


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