Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

The truth is Aquarius and Aries love relationship will be anything but static.


Also, given the vision associated with Aquarius and the action associated with Aries, can make for a highly creative pair...a match of two individuals who are competitive but seldom dull. Off cause, Signs that are two apart on the Zodiac Wheel tend to have a special connection and this combination is no exception.


Actually, the most solid Aquarius and Aries relationship is probably one built upon a foundation of mutual admiration.


The Aries partner will love the uniqueness of the Aquarius character, particularly the inventive vision of the world. In turn, Aquarius will love the energy and initiative associated with Aries since Aquarius is prone to get new ideas all the time, but sometimes finds it difficult to carry them out.


Here are various considerations on Aquarius and Aries love compatibility:


Influence of Aries and Aquarius Ruling Planets


Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus.


Aquarius obtains its marvelously progressive vision from Uranus and also receives social conscience and philanthropy from Saturn (the ruling planet of Aquarius prior to the discovery of Uranus). Mars makes a wonderful addition to this mix, bringing passion and direct action to all the lofty thoughts and ideals of Aquarius.


Influence of Aries and Aquarius Governing Elements


Aries is governed by the element of Fire while Aquarius is governed by the element of Air.


Air fuels Fire and helps it to spread. In a similar fashion, Aquarius can help Aries conjure up new schemes and then realize them. Aquarius stimulates Aries in an intellectual way...something most of the other Zodiac Signs fail to accomplish with an Aries individual. Since both Signs have wide-ranging interests, the mentally active Aquarius partner is certain to provide the physically active Aries native with plenty fuel for new adventures and crusades.


Influence of The Zodiac Qualities


Aries is Cardinal in quality and Aquarius is Fixed in quality.


Hence, Aries furnishes Aquarius with the confidence to charge ahead rather than simply sitting in a laboratory concocting innovative and novel ideas. In turn, Aquarius helps Aries to stabilize and complete projects instead of leaping into new plans before completing old ones. There is much mutual respect and admiration here, which can go a long way to ironing out any obstacles in the relationship.


Basically, there is potential for this pair to achieve much if they work together since Cardinal Fire and Fixed Air cover all the bases and this could become a union of vision and practice.




Aries can be too involved for Aquarius and Aquarius may be a little too unpredictable for Aries, but Aquarius is probably the only Zodiac Sign that outshines Aries in terms of spontaneity. Provided both partners reassure each other that the relationship is important and secure, there is a good possibility for longevity.


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Aries and Aries Love Compatibility


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