Personality Traits of an Aries Child

Personality Traits of an Aries Child Personality Traits of an Aries Child

Notable personality traits of an Aries child are its restless and inquisitive nature. I mean….the Aries child is seldom content with any one thing for a great length of time.


This little one is high-strung and will expend much energy in trying to accomplish too many things at the same time. Thus, a great deal of sleep at regular intervals will be most beneficial to this child.


As the Aries child grows to be a teenager, the competitive side of his or her nature will gradually become increasingly apparent.


A certain degree of freedom of choice will be necessary in order to maintain the peace, particularly since a fight or argument will be the very spice of this child's life, and it is important to bear in mind that the young Aries (much like his or her older counterpart) will never acknowledge defeat.


Here are factors that affect the personality traits of an Aries child:


Influence of Mars


The Ruling Planet of Mars does not make it easy for the children of Aries to sit still, since they possess an abundance of physical and emotional energy, and can be very impatient when waiting for an answer to their needs.


Given that Mars is the God of Action, as well as being associated with energy, muscle and aggression, the little ones governed by this Planet like to compete and are usually good at all forms of sports activities. Indeed, they require physical outlets in order to burn off their high energy level.


Influence of Zodiac Element “FIRE”


Aries is one of the three Fire Signs (together with Leo and Sagittarius), any child governed by this element will need to learn patience above all else. Second in importance will be to learn respect for the rights and feelings of others. Last (but certainly not least), children of Fire should be afforded every opportunity to work off excess, sports and dancing are all excellent avenues.


Talk works much better than punishment with Fire children. In fact, too much punishment can easily result in a rebellious and "wild child." The gift of an Aries child is the ability to be an inspiration to others.




It is important that the plans of this little one not be interfered with, since such interference will often cause him or her to lose all interest in the task at hand.  He or she should be left alone to work out things out in his or her own way...and, by so doing, develop individuality.


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