Aries Girls

Aries Girls Aries Girls


Young Aries female will be full of verve and something of a live wire.


With an abundance of energy to burn, she tends to attract many admirers.


There is a fiercely independent streak here and any girl governed by this Sign will chart her own course.


It would not be unusual to find the Aries girl adopting a leadership role at school and, since this Zodiac Sign rules the head and face, she will always be extremely particular about her make-up.

Here are notable characteristics and features of Aries girls


Aries girls can be rather selfish at times and will probably balk at exchanging clothes with a younger sister. There could be some major sibling feuds here and it may be necessary for the parents to intervene on occasion.


This is a hyperactive youngster...forever rushing from one activity to the next...and given this girl's energy, she is likely to be actively involved in sports, usually of the physically demanding type.


Aries girls are self-sufficient and pursue what they want with much willpower and determination. This girl will "think big" and is likely to attend academic institutions which are the most beneficial on a personal level. In short, this is an achiever who is definitely "going places."


Qualities to Encourage in young Aries Female


Confidence –

Assertiveness –

Courage –

Pioneering Spirit


Qualities to Discourage in young Aries Female


Selfishness –

Impatience –

Quick Temper –

Impulsive Behavior


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