Aries Boys

Aries Boys Aries Boys

The Aries boy will be difficult to keep up with due to his tremendous amounts of energy. There is also an inherently fiery temper here which could reach a dangerous level if provoked.


Nonetheless, the Aries boy will be one of the most dynamic youngsters around.


On occasion, his haste will get him into trouble or even accidents. The Aries teenager views life as one long competition and constantly struggles to come out on top. This, combined with the impulsive nature associated with Aries, often leads to frustration.


This boy is a born leader and will always rush to take charge of any given situation. Whether it is the school football team or the local Boy Scout troop, he will be in a position of some authority.

Here are other features and personalities of Aries boys:


Can be somewhat self-centered


This lad can be somewhat self-centered at times because of his need to have things his own way. Basically, the Aries boy is a pioneer and will want to personally chart his own goals in life.


First to jump at challenges


When presented with a challenge, he will be the first to jump in and accept it. In short, the Aries lad is certainly "going places."


Possess an abundance of physical and emotional energy


Aries boys possess an abundance of physical and emotional energy, and can be very impatient when waiting for an answer to their needs.


Can be rebellious and "wild"


Talk works much better than punishment with Aries boys. In fact, too much punishment can easily result in a rebellious and "wild child." The gift of an Aries boy is the ability to be an inspiration to others.




Any boy governed by Aries will need to learn patience above all else. Second in importance will be to learn respect for the rights and feelings of others. Last (but certainly not least), children of Fire should be afforded every opportunity to work off excess, sports and dancing are all excellent avenues.


Qualities To Encourage In Aries Boys:


Confidence - Assertiveness - Courage - Pioneering Spirit


Qualities To Discourage In Aries Boys:


Selfishness - Impatience - Quick Temper - Impulsive Behavior


Suitable Future Careers:


Medicine - Dentistry - Art - Music - Entertainment - Social Work - Advertising Psychiatry - Engineering - Electronics - Sales - Armed Forces 


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