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About Aries children Astrology, I would say; the little Aries is something of a handful. This energetic child will walk and run as soon as possible and perform daring feats of exploration.


As a caregiver, you need to be vigilant, since this small individual does not know the meaning of fear and is especially prone to head injuries.


Here we will be looking at characteristics of Aries children and how you can handle an Aries child. On related pages we will go into detail of personality traits of an Aries child, Aries as a boyfriend and Little Aries female.


Characteristics of an Aries child


  • Many children born under Aries sign appear hyperactive and easily frustrated when they cannot get their own way. Since they are always in a rush to get on with life, they are prone to violent temper tantrums and dramatic physical displays.
  • Essentially a direct and uncomplicated individual, the little Aries rarely suffers from hidden anxieties or psychological difficulties. However, stimulation and a sense of achievement are vital to this child. Without these two things, this little one can easily turn into an extremely difficult child to live with.
  • Blessed with deep resources of determination, the Aries child is able to face any challenge, but does tend to act before thinking. Since he or she will be passionate about absolutely everything which is of personal importance, there is liable to be a great reluctance to share.
  • There may also be a tendency to make loud and/or unkind remarks about a playmate. Unfortunately, the Aries child will rarely consider such behavior to be selfish, perceiving this as nothing more than an assertive right to do and say as he or she pleases.
  • As a general rule, Aries children with younger siblings learn to deal with their inherent selfishness much better than those who are only children or who happen to be the "baby" of the family.


The natural enterprise and curiosity of the Aries child does need to be encouraged and it is important to place as few restrictions on this little one as possible. Here are ways you can handle an Aries child:


How to Handle an Aries Child


  • Explain to the Aries child...reason with the Aries child...but never complain. Persuade the little Aries to take up a hobby which requires the development of patience, for those born under this Sign are the least patient of the Zodiac and will need such self-control later in life.
  • Aries children should be persuaded to take out their aggression and frustrations in active, competitive sports. Indeed, this is where they usually excel.
  • It is true the Aries child loves to take things apart and may break toys easily. With encouragement, however, he or she will develop formidable coordination. The bossy tendencies of this little one should be molded into leadership qualities rather than allowed to become bullying in nature. Otherwise, the "me first" Aries will have many clashes with other strong-willed youngsters.
  • Since the Aries child is usually vocal in expressing needs, any caregiver should have no problems in discerning what this little character most desires. The key emphasis should be on helping this child to control his or her temper and develop self-discipline and respect for authority.




It is important to be vigilant, but the Aries child must be allowed plenty of space. It is also important to emphasize good manners and consideration for others in order to help the willful little Aries to get along socially with playmates


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